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Welcome to N. Vagner Music Studio!

It’s very exciting to learn about music and how to play piano instrument!

  • Learn Music Theory
  • Learn Music History
  • AMEB exams up to level 8
  • Have two piano concerts a year, where students perform their learned pieces in front of the parents and audience in a relaxed and supported environment.
  • Learn to improvise and compose
  • Learn to sight read new music
  • Ear Training and singing
  • The skills that I offer through my lessons:
  • Learn how to play piano

Through regular practice students will learn not just how to play an instrument but about discipline, how to listen, how to be patient and persistent.

Through regular performances students will learn about stage presentation and how to play piano in front of the audience

Dear Students and Parents! You can share your music ideas and thoughts on Blog and email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

I am attentive to every child musical needs and try to develop their musical talents and potential. Every child has something to offer and can shine through music.


natasha playing

Dear Parents!

Practice tips: make sure that your child will find time to practice piano

(at least 15 minutes a day!). You have to help him/her to settle into a simple routine –habit to play before or after school. Practice is fun and not something boring or compulsory.

Recording opportunities: I record my students playing on piano and make a CD for them, please let me know if you’d like your child to be recorded.


Music Blog: I keep a Music Diary –Journal, where I reflect on music teaching. I invite all parents and students and circle of musicians to do the same on my Blog. It’s an exciting music tool for conversations and reflections and learning.





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