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We belong to Ozoriginal because we bring together different cultures and views of IT architects, business analysts, IT developers through team dynamics, business processes, finding new opportunities of growth, making ethical use of human capital doing value addition to the business...

Benjamin Lvovsky

Guerrilla IT Architecture

Many heard of what IT architecture is. There are articles written for Enterprise Architects, Solution Architects, business architects, solution designers, architecture and strategy managers. Here I present you a different look - A Guerrilla IT Architecture...

What IT Architects are needed

The business is interested in Effective for Business IT Architect, capable of becoming a catalyst for business, focus on company’s business, rather than “reselling” large IT providers solutions. In those who are able to deliver sustainable business transformational change and are capable to implement a successful business solution sometimes with "not-the-best" skilled workforce available.

A Guerrilla approach

“Guerrilla IT Architecture” is an IT Architecture strategy combined with BA and IS management to deliver a business focused solution. It may use low-cost unconventional tactics, often in a specific way. The term Guerrilla IT Architecture can be associated with guerrilla warfare, which uses atypical tactics to achieve a goal in hard to deal with and unforgiving environment.

Understanding of business strategy and team dynamics plays a very important, sometimes crucial role.

Often Guerrilla Architecture comes to unexpected and unconventional from the point of client’s view, solution. Solutions may take and involve unexpected teams and forms, definition of what is the business about, rethinking the business requirements, close work with management and different teams.

What is it here for you?

guerrilla soviets

It is a blog, articles, real cases, focus on discussions, not a representation of some static rigid view. It is living system, ready to change, yours and others thoughts and ideas. It is rather IT Architecture Solutions ideas hub, than one point presented.

Real Cases



We are in a process of preparing more real cases for your perusal. You are very welcome to share interesting cases here! Just email me to discuss!


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